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June 29, 2009

Guess Which Singer Just Got a Skull & Bones Tattoo?


Click on the photo to find out!


Billy Mays' 911Call Leaked


Billy Mays' 911 call has just been leaked. Deborah Mays, Billy's wife made the emotional phone call to 911, saying she found Mays cold and unresponsive. After a few seconds of convincing, Deborah and another man at the scene moved him to the floor to perform CPR but insist he is dead.

Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Vernard Adams said that “Mays suffered from hypertensive heart disease, and the wall of the left ventricle of Mays’ heart and the wall of one of his arteries were enlarged.”

Deborah added, “While it provides some closure to learn that heart disease took Billy from us, it certainly doesn’t ease the enormous void that his death has created in our lives. As you can imagine, we are all devastated.”

The audio is very graphic so please listen below with caution.


Janet Jackson Remembers Michael at BET Awards


Michael Jackson was honored at last nights annual BET Awards. The awards show scrambled to reformat the entire show due to Jackson's recent death.

Host Jamie Foxx showed off his skills and performed a few of Jackson's hits with fellow artist Ne-Yo. Jackson sister, Janet Jackson, offered an emotional speech about her brother.

"To you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family, and he will forever live in all of our hearts. On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for all of your love. Thank you for all of your support, we miss him so much." Check out video of her appearance below.


John Edwards & Rielle Hunter Made a Sex Tape

John Edwards & Rielle Hunter Made a Sex Tape

According to the NY Daily News, there's a John Edwards and Rielle Hunter sex tape. Andrew Young, Edwards former aide and Hunter's child's father, announced this in a book proposal. Young claims the book would be "impossible to put down" due to the shocking nature of Edwards behavior.

Young also claims that Edwards is the real father Hunter's baby and that he only claimed responsibility to protect the politician. He goes on to claim that Edwards was waiting for Elizabeth Edwards to die so he and Hunter could get married.

These are all claims by a man trying to sell a book and make millionaires so we will have to wait to see if any of this is actually true.

Comment below! What do you think of John Edwards?

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Michael Jackson's Autopsy Results Released


The Sun is now claiming to have the autopsy results of late singer Michael Jackson. They are reporting that he weighed just 112 pounds and his body was riddled with needle marks and surgery scars. Pathologists revealed that his stomach was “empty, apart from partially-dissolved pills” and he was bald.

Michael Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, was questioned by police but he said that he never administered the star Demerol or Oxycontin.

Readers, what do you think of these new claims? If his doctor didn't give him demerol, who was responsible for Jackson's drug use?


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Quick Fact
It seems that the machines are winning in this digital age where voice-to-text is so prevalent. Many have abandoned the professional services of transcribers because they think that Androids and iPhones do much better jobs at documenting conversations. We are proud to say that the masses are wrong. A recent experiment placed man against machine in the battle for the accuracy and man, professional transcribers that is, defeated the competition. Whereas the machine mistook the word "ago" for "I go," professional transcribers had a knack for hearing and correctly interpreted the text. The playing field between man and technology is a bit more leveled.