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December 31, 2009

Lady GaGa Shows Off Her Lady Parts

Lady GaGa Shows Off Her Lady Parts_1

Lady GaGa decided to flash her private parts one more time before 2009 comes to an end. The pop singer was spotted showing off her panties from her balcony at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach as she chatted away on her cell phone. GaGa will ring in 2010 tonight at the  James L. Knight Center in Miami Beach for a New Year’s Eve concert.

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Lady GaGa Shows Off Her Lady Parts_2  Lady GaGa Shows Off Her Lady Parts_3


Kate Winslet Named Most Desirable Celebrity Body

Kate Winslet Named Most Desirable Celebrity Body

Kate Winslet has the best celebrity body according to a recent poll by the Daily Mail. The site polled their readers asking which celebrity has the most desirable body and to the surprise of many Kate Winslet won! Winslet got 16 percent of the vote, British model Kelly Brook came in second with 15 percent and Halle Berry third with 12 percent. Pulling up the rear due to their skinny frames were Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. 

Let us know who you think should have won best celeb body in the comments! Here's a list of the winners:

  1. Kate Winslet
  2. Kelly Brook
  3. Halle Berry
  4. Cheryl Cole
  5. Beyonce
  6. Megan Fox
  7. Lily Allen
  8. Keely Hazell
  9. Kate Moss
  10. Katie Price
  11. Victoria Beckham


Charlie Sheen Has History Of Violence With Brooke Meuller

Charlie Sheen Has History Of Violence With Brooke Meuller

Charlie Sheen's violent tendencies are now being made public by his wife Brooke Mueller.

Although Brooke is trying to minimize the damage she did when she claimed Sheen threatened her with a knife on Christmas morning, their are new reports of past violence in their relationship. Apparently, Brooke told Aspen police that Charlie had attacked her in the past by pushing her to the floor causing her head to take quit a hit. A source said, "She banged her head on the floor and even ended up going to see a doctor because of it. She didn't tell the doctor that Charlie pushed her because she didn't want it reported."

Readers, what do you think of this new report that Sheen has been violent in the past?

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Guess Who's Showing Some Crack?

Guess Who's Showing Some Crack_1

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Rihanna's Partying Is Out Of Control

Rihanna Partying Is Out Of Control_1

Rihanna is spending all her time partying and it's starting to worry her friends. Apparently, the singer has just been drinking, partying and getting tattoos. Britain's Now mag reports that her friends think, “Every night’s the same. She goes clubbing, downs shots and manages to stay up until the early hours." They also added her new tats are concerning. "She’s impulsive: she goes all out for something, but when it’s a 
tattoo, you can’t take it back.” Some are even sayng the Chris Brown incident is still affecting her and causing her to go down the wrong road.

Readers, do you think Rihanna has a problem or is she just enjoying her life? 

Rihanna Partying Is Out Of Control_2  Rihanna Partying Is Out Of Control_3


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Quick Fact
It seems that the machines are winning in this digital age where voice-to-text is so prevalent. Many have abandoned the professional services of transcribers because they think that Androids and iPhones do much better jobs at documenting conversations. We are proud to say that the masses are wrong. A recent experiment placed man against machine in the battle for the accuracy and man, professional transcribers that is, defeated the competition. Whereas the machine mistook the word "ago" for "I go," professional transcribers had a knack for hearing and correctly interpreted the text. The playing field between man and technology is a bit more leveled.