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October 10, 2011

Miley Cyrus Gets Into Grunge

Miley Cyrus Gets Into Grunge_1

Miley Cyrus gets into grunge!

The pop singer was spotted looking grungy in a sleevless Kurt Cobain t-shirt and baggy black pants as she made her way around Studio City, California. Miley just returned from Haiti and tweeted, "This second mission to Haiti was just as impactful to me as the first one. I grew up around music and couldn’t imagine what it would be like for my siblings and me, if we couldn’t hear the magic of music. It’s had such an influence on my life, that I just want everyone to enjoy sound as it was intended."

Check out Miley Cyrus's grungy look and comment below! (GinsburgSpaly)

Miley Cyrus Gets Into Grunge_2 Miley Cyrus Gets Into Grunge_3


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