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November 23, 2011

Miley Cyrus Getting Her Tattoo's Removed

Miley Cyrus Getting Her Tattoo's Removed_1

Miley Cyrus is getting some of her tattoo's removed!

The pop singer who has several tattoo's was spotted outside a tattoo laser removal center yesterday. We're not sure which one she's getting removed or if it's all of them but she definitely looked eager to get the process started. She has nine tat's all together including an anchor on her right wrist, the words "just breathe" on her chest, a dreamcatcher on her side, the word "karma" on her right index finger, the word "love" in her ear, an equality sign on her right ring finger, a peace sign on the side of her middle finger, a cross on her ring finger and a  heart on her right pinkie finger.

Which tattoo do you think Miley is getting removed? (Flynet)

Miley Cyrus Getting Her Tattoo's Removed_2 Miley Cyrus Getting Her Tattoo's Removed_3



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