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April 21, 2012

Lionel Richie Tax Trouble

Lionel Richie Tax Trouble

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Tax deadline has come and gone and Lionel Richie has so kindly reminded us that he is just like everyone else and he can be in trouble with the tax man too!

Richie, who has been hitting up the media circuit hard recently promoting his new album Tuskegee, took a hit of his own when the IRS slammed him with a $1.1 billion charge for income taxes allegedly unpaid in 2010. It seemed as if Richie had been able to maintain a stable financial situation and thriving career with no past history.  He was in fact surprised by the allegation saying in a statement, "I was recently made aware of the situation by my new team and it is being handled immediately."  

With huge incomes that vary wildly from year-to-year, tax troubles seem to fit into the mix for life as a celebrity or entertainer. Actresses Sally Kellerman and Lindsay Lohan as well as singer Roberta Flack all have a rap for naughty tax behavior. 

Now if you have been a good citizen and your taxes are done, check out Tridents new Fun Audit campaign to enjoy the sweet life for yourself, you deserve it!

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