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September 18, 2015

Trump and Jeb! Share a Painfully Sad Moment at the Republican Debate

Trump and Jeb 460pxWM

The second Republican debate has mercifully come and gone.  CNN’s 3-ring circus went pretty much as expected with the exception of one surprise perpetuated by none other than The Donald.  Sadly, not Donald of the animated duck variety; although Trump seems to be as equally grounded in reality. But we digress.  Amongst the usual calls to defund Planned Parenthood (presumably for the purpose of selling off dead fetus body parts to the highest bidder) Trump did manage to have a disturbing moment of camaraderie with a fellow candidate.  

That candidate was none other than former beady eyed Governor of Florida and unfortunate blood relative of two former Bush presidents, Jeb!  Trump and Jeb! exchanged a high five (really more of a mid to low five) after Jeb! answered the absurdly softball question from the moderator about what the candidates would like their secret service code name to be.  His answer, “Ever-Ready, it's very high energy Donald."  Not to be outdone Trump’s response to the same question was simply “Humble”.

Click here to relive the terrifying moment.


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