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December 01, 2010

Alexis Neiers Arrested For Heroin Possession

Alexis Neiers Arrested For Heroin Possession

Alexis Neiers has been arrested for possession of heroin!

TMZ reports that Neiers, the star of the E! reality show Pretty Wild, was just arrested for possession of black tar heroin. The troubled reality star was just released from jail after spending almost a year behind bars for  burglarizing Orlando Bloom's Los Angeles home last year and now she'll most likely face more jail time. The police have said that Alexis didn't check into probation after being released from jail in July so they went to her home where the heroin was found with her. They also found a fake Florida driver's license and booked her for that, a probation violation and possession of a controlled substance.

Comment below! What do you think of Alexis Neiers heroin bust?


May 10, 2010

Pretty Wild Star Alexis Neiers Sentenced To Jail

Pretty Wild Star Alexis Neiers Sentenced To Jail_1

Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers just got sentenced to 180 days in jail! The reality show star is paying for her role in the Burglar Bunch / Bling Ring crimes which including robbing celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson and Orlando Bloom. Neiers pled no contest to stealing almost $600,000 worth of goods from Orlando Bloom's home and was also sentenced to 3 years felony probation.

Alexis was ordered to surrender herself by June 24. Comment below! Do you think this is a fair sentence for what Alexis did?

Pretty Wild Star Alexis Neiers Sentenced To Jail_2   Pretty Wild Star Alexis Neiers Sentenced To Jail_3


March 15, 2010

E!'s Pretty Wild Defines Guilty Pleasure

E!'s Pretty Wild Defines Guilty Pleasure

E!'s new reality show Pretty Wild premiered last night and both shocked and entertained audiences. The show is about the lives of three sisters Tess Taylor (20), Alexis Neiers (19) and Gabrielle Neiers (16) who live in Hollywood. However, these sisters aren't your normal, run of the mill girls. They are all models who party hard in the L.A scene and even have some legal issue already. 

Alexis was just arrested in connection with the Burglar Bunch who are being charge with robbing celebrity homes such as Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom. She already admitted that she was in Blooms home when it was robbed and said she was so drunk she threw up and peed in his bushes outside his home! Check out the Chelsea Lately interview below! Let us know what you think of these girls! Are they good for reality TV?


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