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December 13, 2012

Amanda Seyfried's Drunk Interview

Amanda Seyfried's Drunk Interview

Amanda Seyfried just gave a drunk interview!

The Les Miserables actress showed up for her live interview with David Letterman looking a bit drunk. She even admitted that she had a dew drinks before the show to calm her nerves. She also admitted that she never does a TV interview without having a few cocktails first.

Check out Amanda Seyfriend drunk on TV and sound off in the comments!



February 02, 2012

Amanda Seyfried Talks Justin Timberlake

Amanda Seyfried Talks Justin Timberlake_1

Amanda Seyfried opens up about her relationship with Justin Timberlake!

The 26 year old actress posed for a photo shoot with Glamour Magazine and talked about sex, relationships and Justin Timberlake. She revealed "Right now I’m happy to not have someone’s naked body around me. Except for my dog’s. You learn very quickly what people are so enamored with, and it’s not necessarily me. … I think it’s all the bullshit of the idea of someone who’s famous, which seems more exotic than the fact. You have to be careful whom you date." When asked about dating Justin Timberlake she said, "I think any female that meets him at first is like, ‘I want to date you.’ He seems so perfect, but you get to know him, and he’s a good pal. He’ll tell you what he really feels. But, you know, he’s really famous, which has its downsides."

What do you think of Amanda Seyfried's thoughts on  Justin Timberlake?

Amanda Seyfried Talks Justin Timberlake_2 Amanda Seyfried Talks Justin Timberlake_3


November 18, 2011

Amanda Seyfried's Late Night Out

Amanda Seyfried's Late Night Out _1

Amanda Seyfried's late night out!

The In Time actress was spotted partying late night with a mystery man at the Mahiki nightclub  in London, England. She was seen looking a bit tipsy leaving the club at 3 a.m. with the new guy and a few other friends. They all packed into a car and sped away into the night!

Check out the photos of Amanda leaving the club! Sound off in the comments! (Pacific Coast News)

Amanda Seyfried's Late Night Out _2 Amanda Seyfried's Late Night Out _3


November 15, 2011

Amanda Seyfried In A Bikini

Amanda Seyfried in a bikini_1

Amanda Seyfried was spotted in a bikini!

The In Time actress was seen sporting a pink and orange bikini while on vacation in Miami Beach. She was seen looking relaxed as she hung out poolside with a large group of friends. Seyfriend really need some time off after just getting back from a grueling promotional tour in Europe with co-stars Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde.

Check out Amanda Seyfried in a bikini and sound off in the comments! (Fame)

Amanda Seyfried in a bikini_2 Amanda Seyfried in a bikini_3


April 08, 2011

Amanda Seyfried Throws Ticket At Cop

Amanda Seyfried Throws Ticket At Cop_1 

Amanda Seyfried just had an altercation with a cop!

The Red Riding Hood actress was seen throwing a ticket at a police officer after the London premiere of her new movie. The cop slipped her the ticket as she was waiting to leave Leicester Square and she was not too happy about it. When the officer gave her the ticket, she got out of the car and threw the ticket in his face saying “thank you, but no thank you.” The cop didn't really push the issue any further and let her go!

What do you think of Amanda Seyfried throwing a ticket at a cops face? (Wenn)

Amanda Seyfried Throws Ticket At Cop_1 (1) Amanda Seyfried Throws Ticket At Cop_1 (2)


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