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April 15, 2010

Ashley Dupre Nude Playboy Pictures

Ashley Dupre Nude Playboy Pictures_1

Ashley Dupre is featured on the cover of the brand new May issue of Playboy and bares it all for the mag! Eliot Spitzer's high class call girl is really cashing in on her new found fame ever since Spitzer was forced to resign as Governor of New York due to an affair with Dupre. Check out the cover above and let us know what you think of Ashley's Playboy look! 


January 29, 2010

Ashley Dupre Visits Playboy

Ashley Dupre Visits Playboy

Ashley Dupre was spotted hanging out at the Playboy Mansion and will possibly pose nude for the magazine soon. The former call girl and current sex-and-relationships columnist for the NY Post was spotted at the Mansion over the weekend as she's in Los Angeles for the Grammy's. When asked what she was up to she said, "There's an event at the Mansion tonight that I will be attending. As far as shooting, no plans for that right now."

Comment below! Do you think Ashley should pose for Playboy?


December 14, 2009

Ashley Dupre Gets Her Own Sex Advice Column

Ashley Dupre Gets Her Own Sex Advice Column

Ashley Dupre, the former escort who was busted sleeping with NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer, has her own sex advice column at the NY Post. Dupre is giving advice about sex, relationships and even love in her new advice column. Some of the questions already asked and answered include "My boyfriend wants to know how many men I've slept with. Do I give an honest answer?" and "My girlfriend says she doesn't like porn. Is she lying?"

Readers, do you think the former escort has the knowledge to give advice on relationships?


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