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March 17, 2009

Hulk Hogans Girlfriend Looks Exactly Like His Daughter!


Hulk Hogan and his girlfriend Jennifer were at Calle Ocho 2009 to support his daughter Brooke Hogan, who performed a wonderful dance on a stripper pole. Hulk was nice enough to bring a girl that looks exactly like his daughter! The picture above shows Brooke on the left and Jennifer on the right. Do you think he ever gets confused which is his girlfriend and which is his daughter?

More pics of the weird threesome here...

Brooke-hogan2 Brooke-hogan3 Brooke-hogan4


March 16, 2009

Brooke Hogan is a Stripper


Brooke Hogan showed some skills on the stripper pole a Latin festival in Miami called Calle Ocha. In sequined shorts-bikini shirt outfit, Brooke announced this was her first concert in a year then proceeded to perform an interesting dance on a stripper pole. Her dad, Hulk Hogan, was spotted in the sudience giving his daughter some much needed support!

See more pics of Brooke on the stripper pole here...

Brooke_hogan_2 Brooke_hogan_3 Brooke_hogan_4