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October 06, 2010

Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent Officially Dating

Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent Officially Dating_1

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent are officially dating!

The pair were first spotted getting cozy with one another at a blues club in New Orleans and now it's being reported that they're a couple! According to an inside source, “It’s been going on for awhile. It’s more of a hookup thing- whenever they are in the same town.” 50's rep declined to comment and Chelsea's rep said that, “She saves all her comments for her own show.” Does this mean that Chelsea will talk about her reelationship with the rapper on her show?

Comment below! What do you think of Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent as a couple?

Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent Officially Dating_2 Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent Officially Dating_3


October 04, 2010

Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent Seen On A Date

Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent Seen On A Date

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were just spotted on a date!

TMZ reports that Handler and Cent were seen together a bar in New Orleans last night and by the looks of it they were getting pretty close. The pair snuggled up to one another at the Blue Nile jazz bar and several sources said they were definitly getting "hot and heavy." 50 also busted out a freestyle performance that seemed to be directed towards Chelsea.

Check out the clip below and let us know waht you think of this new couple in the comments!


April 29, 2010

Chelsea Handler Sex Tape!

Chelsea-handler-sex tape

Chelsea Handler has a sex tape! The comedian and TV host claims the sex tape was a joke but RadarOnline is reporting that the tape is no joke!

Apparently, the tape was made more than a decade ago and features Chelsea and a man with a British accent. It first shows Chelsea in her apartment introducing herself and then shows her doing her stand up routine. The tape then suddenly cuts to her and her male friend engaging in a private act. Then, the tape suddenly cuts back to her doing stand up.

Chelsea and her rep Steven Huvane have of course denied the sex tape is real, they said: “The tape you have is an old tape that was done for a stand up comedy bit." Chelsea also responded to the tape on her show last night. Check it out below!


April 08, 2010

Chelsea Handler Shows Her Thong

Chelsea Handler Shows Her Thong

Chelsea Handler shows off her thong! Handler tweeted the picture above of herself getting a shot in her butt "for her horniness." She wrote, "Guess who's getting a b12 shot for horniness?" along with an image of herself turned away with her shorts pulled down. Check out the pic and let us know what you think of Chelsea's thong!


October 29, 2009

Chelsea Handler Covers Playboy

Chelsea Handler Covers Playboy_1  Chelsea Handler Covers Playboy_2

Chelsea Handler will appear on the December cover of Playboy!

The comedian hits the cover in a bikini and giant candy cane and cooks a full on holiday meal on the inside pages. The 34 year-old told Jay Leno that she will not appear fully nude "I'm not naked on the cover. My dad is probably gonna love it. Because he thinks I'm very sexual." She went on to say that she got ready for the cover by not drinking and working out a bunch.

Check out the Playboy cover and extra picture above!


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