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June 12, 2012

Christina Ricci Goes Make-Up Free

Christina Ricci make-up free_1

Christina Ricci goes make-up free!

The 32 year old actress was spotted looking a bit rough around the edges as she boarded a plane from London to New York. She looked completely exhausted as she made her way to the gate and the camera flash highlighted her shiny forehead and several blemishes around her chin. Christina usually looks ready for the red carpet but not today!

Check out Christina Ricci without make-up and sound off in the comments! (Fame/Flynet)

Christina Ricci make-up free_2 Christina Ricci make-up free_3


March 15, 2012

Christina Ricci Goes Make-Up Free

Christina Ricci Goes Make-up Free_1

Christina Ricci goes make-up free!

The 32 year old actress was spotted going make-up free as she rode the subway in New York City. Ricci, decided to huff it down in the subway just like regular people do everyday but didn't quit blend in. She was spotted and photographed looking casual as she rode the subway a few stops.

Check out Christina Ricci on the subway and comment below! (Splash)

Christina Ricci Goes Make-up Free_2 Christina Ricci Goes Make-up Free_3



December 21, 2010

Christina Ricci Talks Kissing Robert Pattinson

Christina Ricci Talks Kissing Robert Pattinson

Christina Ricci talks kissing Robert Pattinson!

Ricci recently opened up about kissing the Twilight hunk for their new movie called Bel Ami. The actress told Rachael Ray that Rob is a great kisser and that he is a "lovely human being." She told Rachael, "He's a good kisser. He's a lovely human being also. He reminded me of my best friend's little brothers growing up. He's just a silly, fun guy; we laughed a lot. He makes fun of himself all the time; he's adorable..." Although Ricci and Pattinson are just work buddies, it sounds like she and Robn really hit it off.

Watch Christina talk about Rob below! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


August 12, 2010

Christina Ricci Loves Kissing Robert Pattinson

Christina Ricci Loves Kissing Robert Pattinson_1

Christina Ricci loves kissing Robert Pattinson!

The 30 year old actress, who stars with Rob in the upcoming movie Bel Ami, opened up about her experience with the Twilight actor. She said, "He's a sweet guy and super funny. And a really good kisser." She continued to say that she hasn't seen the Twilight films yet but still admires him. "He's so charming and such a smart guy. He's so super organized and in charge of his career. He was actually giving me advice."

Wow, it sounds like Christina really enjoyed spending time with R-Pattz!

Christina Ricci Loves Kissing Robert Pattinson_2 Christina Ricci Loves Kissing Robert Pattinson_3


June 03, 2010

Christina Ricci Debuts Under Cleavage

Christina Ricci Debuts Under Cleavage_1

Christina Ricci debuted her under cleavage during a gala for Marina Abramovic's show at the MOMA in NYC. The actress wore an interesting black, lace dress with no bra that revealed under cleavage. Click on the pics for more and let us know if you think this new trend will catch on!

Christina Ricci Debuts Under Cleavage_2   Christina Ricci Debuts Under Cleavage_3


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