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December 06, 2012

Courteney Cox Looks Tired

Courteney Cox Looks tired_1

Courteney Cox is looking a bit tired!

The 48 year old Cougar Town actress looked warn out as she met a few friends for dinner at Nonna of Italy in West Hollywood. She attempted to keep her face away from the bulbs of the camera's but it was hard to hide the dark circles underneath her eyes.

Check out Courteney Cox looking tired and share your thoughts in the comments! (Splash)

Courteney Cox Looks tired_2 Courteney Cox Looks tired_3


August 25, 2011

Courteney Cox With No Makeup

Courteney Cox With No Makeup_1

Courteney Cox with no makeup!

The Cougar town actress was spotted without makeup as she she left Il Sole restaurant in West Hollywood. She wore a skin tight, blue tank top that was a bit see-through, jeans and black sandals as she made her way to her car. Courteney was having dinner with her daughter Coco and her estranged husband David Arquette.

Check out Courteney Cox with no makeup and sound off in the comments! (SplashNews Online)

Courteney Cox With No Makeup_2 Courteney Cox With No Makeup_3


April 14, 2011

Courteney Cox Laughs About Nip Slip Photos

Courteney Cox Laughs About Nip Slip Photos

Courteney Cox laughs about recent nip slip photos!

The actress was put on the spot during a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman and took it pretty well. She started off by talking about her trip to St. Bart's and the ever present paparazzi. She said, "It became a joke, like, alright let's see how 'Sports Illustrated' we can get. I sucked it in ... My arms are stretched out. I don't [normally] walk like that!" She added that the photos weren't that juicy but then said, "That's not true, they actually did get something ... I had a little nipple slip." Letterman then pulled a out a photo of the infamous nip slip photo much to the surprise of Courteney!

Watch Courteney Cox laugh about her nip slip photos below!


April 01, 2011

Courteney Cox & Josh Hopkins Hook Up

Courteney Cox & Josh Hopkins Hook Up_1

 Courteney Cox  and Josh Hopkins were spotted on the beaches of St Barts again!

The rumored couple were seen enjoying some time on the beach and in the warm waters of the tropical island. They were also seen shopping in the  Port of Gustavia with Courteney's daughter Coco. The Cougar Town co-stars were caught holding hands las t month which first started the rumors of a relationship and these new photos are definitly adding fuel to the rumors. 

Comment below! What do you think of Courteney Cox  and Josh Hopkins as a couple?

Courteney Cox & Josh Hopkins Hook Up_1 (1) Courteney Cox & Josh Hopkins Hook Up_1 (2)


March 30, 2011

Courteney Cox In A Bikini

Courteney Cox In A Bikini_1

Courteney Cox shows off her body in a bikini!

The Cougar Town star was spotted wearing a tiny bikini while on vacation in St, Bart's with her daughter Coco and co-star Josh Hopkins. These new photos of Courteney have sparked rumors of a relationship with Hopkins but her rep has told E! News that their relationship is “strictly platonic.” However, it's pretty hard to believe that they aren't getting romantic considering they're on vacation together and have been seen having a great time in on the tropical island. 

Do you think Courteney Cox and  Josh Hopkins have a relationship? Comment below! (Splash)

Courteney Cox In A Bikini_1 (1) Courteney Cox In A Bikini_1 (2)


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