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April 05, 2011

Kirstie Alley Gets Dropped On DWTS

Kirstie Alley Gets Dropped On DWTS

Kirstie Alley just got dropped by her partner on Dancing with the Stars!

Kirstie Alley's dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy had some issues during an intense move. The pair were performing a rumba to"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when Maksim dropped the actress right on the floor. They did recover and finish the dance but it was a pretty embarrassing moment for both of them. After the routine, Maksim was actually limping and said that his thigh "just gave out."

Check out the clip below Kirstie Alley taking a fall on DWTS!


March 01, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson Joins DWTS Cast

Kendra Wilkinson Joins DWTS Cast_1

Kendra Wilkinson has joined the Dancing with the Stars cast!

The reality show star is one of the new dancers on the hit dancing competition show Dancing with the Stars. The competitors were announced last night and also include Wendy Williams, Kirstie Alley, Petra Nemcova, Sugar Ray Leonard, Hines Ward, Chris Jericho, Mike Catherwood, Romeo, and Ralph Macchio.

Who do you think has the edge in this year's competition?

Kendra Wilkinson Joins DWTS Cast_2 Kendra Wilkinson Joins DWTS Cast_3


October 19, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing In A Monkey Suit

Bristol Palin Dancing In A Monkey Suit

Bristol Palin dancing in a monkey suit!

Bristol and her Dancing with the Stars partner Mark Ballas decided to dress up in monkey suits for last nights dancing performance. They performed a jive set to The Monkees theme song which involved starting the awkward routine in gorilla suits. They received the lowest score of the night which was deserved based on their choice of theme.

Check out on Bristol's monkey suit performance below! What do you think?


September 21, 2010

Bristol Palin's Striptease DWTS Debut

Bristol Palin's Striptease DWTS Debut

Bristol Palin made her debut on Dancing With the Stars with a striptease!

The daughter of politician Sarah Palin and teen mom made a sexy debut on the dancing competition with partner Mark Ballas. Bristol started her performance in a grey, sparkly suit but soon stripped of her clothes revealing a red mini-dress. The performance was a bit contrary to what Bristol previously said. She said her costumes would be the "most conservative" because "That's how I am and that's how I want to dress."

Check out Bristol Palin's striptease performance below and let us know what you think in the comments!


May 26, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger Wins Dancing With The Stars

Nicole Scherzinger Wins Dancing With The Stars

Nicole Scherzinger and partner Derek Hough have just won the 10th season of the Dancing With The Stars! The Pussycat Dolls singer beat out Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek to win the title last night.

Scherzinger said, "I feel like I just won a Grammy. A dancing Grammy!" Scherzinger and Hough performed a jive as their final dance that earned a perfect score of 30 while Lysacek's quickstep was good but earned just 28 points. Lysacek said, "It's been such a blast. We are totally satisfied with everything we gave. We're so proud of Nicole and Derek. They deserve it. ... They inspired all the other couples in the competition." Hough added that, "Win or lose tonight, I was just very, very happy with the entire season. To get the trophy at the end of it, that was just amazing." 

Comment below! Do you think Nicole Scherzinger deserved to win DWTS?

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