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February 25, 2010

Elizabeth Hurley's Top Is Totally See Through

Elizabeth Hurley's Top Is Totally See Through_1

Elizabeth Hurley was spotted at the Love Ball in London last night wearing a dress that was totally see through! The beautiful actress wore a blue, grey, sheer dress that completely exposed her left breast when the camera's flashed! One of her friends eventually realized her top was see through so she clutched onto a program to cover up for the rest of the night. Click on the picture for the full set of uncensored versions!


November 28, 2008

Liz Hurley Gets Bloody

Gallery_main-spl63908_001 Gallery_main-spl63908_002

Liz Hurley returned to her London home yesterday looking stylish with her Louis Vuitton suitcase plus a pair of skinned, bloody knuckles. One might wonder what Liz was up to and how she got those bloody knuckles. Maybe she was fighting off some paparazzi or fans, who knows.

What do you think happened? Check out close ups of the knuckles (and huge ring) here...



October 17, 2008

Elizabeth Hurley Shines In London

Elizabeth-hurley-1 Elizabeth-hurley2

Elizabeth Hurley was spotted looking good as always in London as she lights up the Tower Of London in pink as part of the Global Illumination Initiative.

Do you think Liz still looks good? More pictures of Liz in red here...



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