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November 08, 2011

Jamie Lynn Spears Singing Debut in Nashville

Jamie Lynn Spears Singing Debut in Nashville_1

Jamie Lynn Spears takes after her big sis Britney Spears and makes her singing debut in Nashville.

The 20 year old mother of daughter Maddie born in 2008, took to the stage in Nashville and performed in front of a crowd that included close family and friends.  The Zoey 101 starlet, took a moment out of her full time mommy duties and somewhat subdued lifestyle  to perform a set of original country tunes! Mom Lynn was said to be proud and emotional post show and Jamie Lynn  herself tweeted "Just wanna thank all my amazing friends and family for coming out tonight!!!! #feelingthelove."

What do you think, could Jamie Lynn be following in the footsteps of her famous big sis? Will you listen to her country ditties, sound off in the comments! (Getty Images)

Jamie Lynn Spears Singing Debut in Nashville_2 Jamie Lynn Spears Singing Debut in Nashville_3


September 01, 2009

Britney & Jaime Lynn Spears Show Off Their Bikini Bodies

Britney Jaime Lynn Spears Show Off Their Bikini Bodies_1

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears were spotted in Miami hanging out poolside yesterday. Britney and Jaime Lynn spent the day lounging, swimming and hanging out with their kids. Jaime Lynn has been laying low since the drama with her teenage pregnancy and her boyfriend leaving her alone with her newborn. Maybe she is ready to move on and raise her daughter Maddie on her own!

Click on the pics for more of Britney and Jaime Lynn poolside in Miami.

Britney Jaime Lynn Spears Show Off Their Bikini Bodies_2 Britney Jaime Lynn Spears Show Off Their Bikini Bodies_3


May 05, 2009

Jamie Lynn Spears' Boyfriend Might Be Going To Jail!


Casey Aldridge, who is the father of Jamie Lynn Spears' child, might be going to jail for his pickup truck accident.

People is reporting that: "Alridge, 19, better known as Jamie Lynn Spears's boyfriend and the father of their baby daughter, 10-month-old Maddie, was charged with careless operation of a motor vehicle, a violation of Louisiana Revised Statue 32:58 after he drove off a road into a ditch and flipped his F-250 pickup truck on April 26. According to Louisiana criminal attorney Lester Gauthier, who is not involved with the case, Aldridge will face a fine of no more than $175 and/or imprisonment for not more than 30 days."

Luckily, no one was killed in the accident but all three occupants were thrown from the vehicle. Readers, do you think he should go to jail?

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August 14, 2008

Casey Aldridge cheats on Jamie Lynn Spears!

Jamielynn_2Baby daddy Casey Aldridge, 19, was apparently seeing and sleeping with another woman while Jamie Lynn was pregnant and only recently broke it off! Who was the woman you ask... Kelli Dawson another home town girl who at the ripe age of 28 is very public about the affair and exclusively told In Touch that they "nixed" it only a few months before the baby was born because "it didn't feel right."

Reports of a cheating Casey had been floating around when the first announced they had a baby on the way. A close friend of Jamie Lynn revealed to the Enquirer, "I think Casey is a serial cheater who has lied to Jamie Lynn and betrayed her time and time again. Even though I'm sure she knows in her heart that Casey's a lying, cheating dog, Jamie Lynn is head over heels in love with him.  She continues to take him back regardless of how awful he treats her."

It sounds like Jamie should have given him the boot a while back! What do you think!?!


August 07, 2008

Jaime Lynn Spears Takes Maddie Briann to Walmart


Jamie Lynn Spears was spotted at Walmart with her baby Maddie Briann in McComb, Mississippi on Wednesday. They stopped there after a quick checkup for Maddie at her medical center.

Rumors are still up in the air about Jamie's wedding day. Some are saying that she'll walk down the isle before the end of the year. We sure hope so!



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