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August 23, 2011

Megan Fox & Jason Segel Go Swimming

Aviary (13)

Megan Fox and Jason Segel go swimming!

Megan posted the photo above of her Jason Segel and Chris Dowd taking a swim together with the caption, "On set of THIS IS 40 with Jason and Chris...Two very handsome, very tall, VERY funny men," Her co-star Leslie Mann also told the press that, "Megan Fox is so funny. She's hilarious. You wouldn't, I don't know if other people [expect it], but I think she's really funny, you'll be pleasantly surprised."

Check out Megan Fox and Jason Segel swimming and sound off in the comments!


June 22, 2011

Jason Segel, Alison Brie, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt Sing Karaoke


Jason Segel, Alison Brie, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt sing karaoke!

The four actors were spotted singing karaoke last night after they crashed a bachelorette party in Ann Arbor, Michagan. Jason and John had a little trouble with  Joe Cocker's "A Little Help From My Friends" but Alison and Emily actually had a decent performance.

Check out Jason Segel, Alison Brie, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt singing karaoke!


December 07, 2009

Lindsay Lohan & Jason Segel Spend The Night Together

Lindsay Lohan & Jason Segel Spend The Night Together_1

Lindsay Lohan's newest man is none other than How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel.

Lohan was spotted partying at Segel's house Friday night and didn't leave until 7am the next day! Lindsay, of course went to Twitter to deny stories of a hookup by saying "haha*now..a meeting at a coworkers home has turned into a new love interest! It's absurd! @least I'm laughing @the rediculous manifestations." Well, we're not sure what type of business meetings happen in the middle of the night!

Click on the pics for more shots of Lindsay leaving Jason's house! Readers, do you think they hooked up?

Lindsay Lohan & Jason Segel Spend The Night Together_2  Lindsay Lohan & Jason Segel Spend The Night Together_3


March 25, 2009

Jason Segel is a Mean Drunk!


29 year old Jason Segel, known for his role as Marshall Eriksen in "How I Met Your Mother", his nakedness in the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and the upcoming flick "I Love You, Man" (trailer) was spotted at Phebe's Tavern on the Bowery in NYC Saturday night.

Segel was kickin' it in the crowded bar with a full glass of scotch in one hand and a pint of guinness in the other! Apparently he was pretty wasted, very territorial about his spot at the bar and pretty rude to others just trying to enjoy their night out too! Turns out he's a pretty mean drunk!

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