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July 26, 2010

Eric Roberts On Celebrity Rehab!

Doc drew

Rumor has it that Julia Roberts big brother, actor Eric Roberts, also father of teen star Emma Roberts, has checked into "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew"! He would be joining the already confirmed VH1 cast including Tiger Woods' No. 1 mistress Rachel Uchitel, former model Janice Dickinson and "Party of Five" star Jeremy London.

Although its unclear what type of addiction he is being treated for, it doesn't come as a surprise. Roberts record already includes an arrest in 1987 for cocaine and marijuana possession, trying to assault a police officer and charges of domestic violence in the 90's.


July 19, 2010

Rachel Uchitel & Jeremy London Sign On For Celebrity Rehab

Rachel Uchitel, Jeremy London sign on for Celebrity Rehab

Rachel Uchitel and Jeremy London have just signed on for Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew!

The former Tiger Woods / David Boreanaz mistress and the former Party of Five actor have joined other stars Jason Wahler, Leif Garrett and Janice Dickinson to make up one of the most interesting casts of Celebrity Rehab. It's a bit of a surprise that Uchitel has been added to the cast as she has kept her pill addiction quit secret. She was previously rumored to be joined Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice but has decided to go with Celebrity Rehab.

Comment below! Will you be tuning into Celebrity Rehab this season?


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