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July 05, 2010

Jeremy Piven Rejected by Kim Kardashian

Jeremy Piven Rejected by Kim Kardashian_1

Jeremy Piven has been rejected by Kim Kardashian! The Entourage star apparently hit on Kim recently baiting her with a cameo appearance on Entourage but Kim was having none of it. A source revealed that Kim said, "Talk to my mom - she handles me," then walked away in a rush.

Comment below! Do you think Kim would ever date Jeremy?

Jeremy Piven Rejected by Kim Kardashian_2   Jeremy Piven Rejected by Kim Kardashian_3


January 18, 2010

January Jones & Jeremy Piven Dating

January Jones & Jeremy Piven Dating_1

January Jones was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont arm in arm with Jeremy Piven after the Golden Globe Awards last night. The pair split when they saw the paparazzi but it looks like Jeremy and January have some sort of relationship. As for the Golden Globes, January's show, Mad Men, won Best Television Drama but Jeremy's Entourage lost to Glee in the Best Comedy/Musical category 

Click on the pics for more of the new couple!

January Jones & Jeremy Piven Dating_2  January Jones & Jeremy Piven Dating_3


December 18, 2008

Jeremy Piven Quits Speed-the-Plow


Jeremy Piven has left his role in the Broadway show Speed-the-Plow. According to reports, his doctors have advised him that he should end his run immediately citing high levels of Mercury.

Mercury poisoning? Really Jeremy?


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