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February 13, 2013

Jessica Alba Kisses Her Fans

Jessica Alba Kisses Her Fans_1

Jessica Alba kisses her fans!

The 31 year old actress let fans kiss her during a stunt for Jimmy Kimmel Live that had her in a kissing both on Hollywood Boulevard. However, Jessica and the fans were separated by a piece of glass so they really didn't get to kiss her.

Check out Jessica Alba in a kissing booth and sound off in the comments! (Splash)

Jessica Alba Kisses Her Fans_2 Jessica Alba Kisses Her Fans_3


August 27, 2012

Jessica Alba Shoots A Gun

Jessica Alba Shoots A Gun_1

Jessica Alba shoots a gun!

The new mom was spotted at a shooting range in Los Angeles yesterday shooting a gun in preparation for a new role. She will ne resprising her role as Nancy Callahan for the upcoming Sin City 2, which will involve showing some skin and shooting guns. She tweeted, "What a way to start the day -training for a movie is sorta fun."

Check out Jessica Alba at the shooting range and sound off in the comments!

Jessica Alba Shoots A Gun_2 Jessica Alba Shoots A Gun_3


July 20, 2012

Jessica Alba Tweets Vacation Photos

Jessica Alba Tweets Vacation Photos_1

Jessica Alba just tweeted photos from her recent vacation.

The 31 year old actress tweeted several new photos of a recent trip to Shanghai she took with a few colleagues who work for The Honest Company. The photos document her daily activities which seem to mostly highlight all the great food they're discovering. 

Check out Jessica Alba vacation photos and comment eelow!

Jessica Alba Tweets Vacation Photos_2 Jessica Alba Tweets Vacation Photos_3


July 11, 2012

Jessica Alba Tweets Bikini Picture

Jessica Alba Tweets Bikini Picture

Jessica Alba just tweeted a bikini picture!

The actress tweeted the intimate photo above of herself drinking wine in a bikini while on vacation in Italy. Along with the photo she wrote, "The Italian coast w momma and rosé - kids r napping." Jessica has been tweeted a lot of family photos recently and even more during her trip to Italy.

Check out Jessica Alba'a twitpic and sound off in the comments!


April 04, 2012

Jessica Alba Shows Off New Tattoo

Jessica Alba Shows Off New Tattoo_1

Jessica Alba shows off her new tattoo!

Jessica flashed her huge new temporary tattoo as she made her way to breakfast with her two children and husband Cash Warren in West Hollywood, California. The new tattoo is a rose on her upper arm and will be with Jessica until she finishes her new movie, A.C.O.D.

Check out Jessica's tattoo look and sound off below! (GSI)

Jessica Alba Shows Off New Tattoo_2 Jessica Alba Shows Off New Tattoo_3



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