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February 28, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel & Lindsay Lohan's Workout Video

Jimmy Kimmel & Lindsay Lohan's Workout Video

Jimmy Kimmel and Lindsay Lohan have teamed up for a workout video!

Lohan, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria and Emily Blunt all appear in the spoof workout tape for the Hottie Body Hump Club. The actresses all tried out the humpilates workout routine and fawned over Kimmel. Lohan's part was the most interesting as she poked fun at ther alleged legal troubles.

Check out the Jimmy Kimmel and Lindsay Lohan workout video below!


March 08, 2009

Sarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel Head to Splitsville


Sarah Silverman has broke things off with Jimmy Kimmel. It's being reported that Sarah initiated the split this time and Jimmy is pretty broken up about it because she told him it was over for real this time. Jimmy actually just bought a new house and now had no one to share it with!


October 08, 2008

Sarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel Back On...Sort Of

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Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel are back on. Well, maybe.

"We talk every day. It's fine, it's great," she tells Tuesday's New York Times. "I'm doing his show at the end of the month. We're very Demi and Bruce."

They recently attended Howard Stern's wedding together, had brunch at NYC's Spitzer’s Corner and hit a Saturday Night Live afterparty. However, Sarah still won't say if they are back together.

Do you think they are dating again?


July 14, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman Split Up!

Kimmel_silverman first reported the news that Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman have ended their relationship after five years of dating.

Silverman, 37, told PEOPLE earlier this year that their relationship worked "because we really, really, really like each other. He's kind and funny and maybe the most thoughtful person I know."

Jimmy, 40 said that "Sarah is funny and smart and good to look at. Plus, she likes fat guys. What more could I ask?"

They seemed so happy! Why do you think they broke it off?


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