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February 05, 2013

Katy Perry & John Mayer Go For A Hike

Katy Perry John Mayer Go For A Hike_1

Katy Perry and John Mayer go for a hike!

The new couple were spotted hikinig around Los Angels while holding hands. Katy wore black leggings, a tank top and a Los Angeles Dodgers hat while John wore a brown tank top and a New York Yankees hat. Although they seem to disagree on what baseball team to route for, they seem like they are agreement on their relationship.

Check out Katy Perry and John Mayer on a hike and sound off below! (Splash)

Katy Perry John Mayer Go For A Hike_2 Katy Perry John Mayer Go For A Hike_3


January 08, 2013

Katy Perry Private Vacation Photos

Katy Perry Private Vacation Photos_1

Katy Perry private vacation photos are here!

The brand new photos show the pop singer and boyfriend John Mayer on a muddy excursion in Hawaii. The pair were seen taking some ATV's off road in the wilderness of Hawaii while snapping photos of each other. They both got pretty dirty as they sloshed around in the mud which is a huge departure from what were used to seeing this couple do.

Enjoy the private vacation photos of Katy Perry and John Mayer! (Splash)

Katy Perry Private Vacation Photos_2 Katy Perry Private Vacation Photos_3



December 27, 2012

John Mayer Is A Creepy Santa

John Mayer Is A Creepy Santa

John Mayer is a creepy Santa!

The singer let his girlfriend Katy Perry post the photo above of him looking extra creepy while dressed up as Santa. The photo came with the caption "Santa Baby" and and show Mayer looking into the camera while lounged on a couch.

Readers, what do you think of John Mayer's Santa photo?


October 16, 2012

Katy Perry & John Mayer Back On

Katy Perry & John Mayer Back On_1

Katy Perry and John Mayer are back on!

The on and off again couple were spotted on a romantic date in New York City last night looking very much like a couple. The were seen at Pearl Restaurant before ending up the SoHo House with a few close friends. A source said that, "I saw the pair cavorting together at a table with friends and they looked very much the happy couple. Katy and Kate Hudson were deep in conversation and John was holding Katy's hand throughout."

What do you think of Katy Perry and John Mayer as a couple? (Splash)

Katy Perry & John Mayer Back On_2 Katy Perry & John Mayer Back On_3


August 24, 2012

John Mayer Dumped Katy Perry

JOhn Mayer Dumped Katy Perry_1

John Mayer just dumped Katy Perry!

The pair have broken off their month long relationship and it's being reported that John is the one who ended things. A source said, "She’s really upset about it. She is making it seem like it wasn’t serious with John, but she is hurt." They only dating a month but were spotted our together several times and things looked like they were going very well. 

What do you think of John Mayer breaking up with Katy Perry? Comment below! (Splash)

JOhn Mayer Dumped Katy Perry_2 JOhn Mayer Dumped Katy Perry_3


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