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July 15, 2010

Sienna Miller & Jude Law's Make Out Session

Sienne Miller & Jude Law's Make Out Session_1

Sienna Miller and Jude Law have definitely rekindle their romance! The pair were just spotted getting hot and heavy during a romantic vacation in Ponza, Italy yesterday. Sienna and Jude had a serious make out session as they relaxed on the beach and played around in the water There are even rumor's that they will get engaged soon!

Click on the pics for more of Sienna and Jude making out!

Sienne Miller & Jude Law's Make Out Session_2   Sienne Miller & Jude Law's Make Out Session_3


July 31, 2009

Samantha Burke is the Mother of Jude Law’s Chid!


TMZ is reporting that the mother of Jude Law's soon to be fourth child is an actress/model named Samantha Burke! Burke's rep has confirmed that she is expecting Law's child on October 6th and has already named her Sophia!

“Ms. Burke can confirm that she did in fact have a relationship with Mr. Law and that she has informed Mr. Law that she is expecting his child later this Fall. Since informing Mr. Law of the pregnancy, he has been nothing but responsive and supportive of Ms. Burke and the pregnancy.”

In a previous statement, Law said that he had no desire to reveal who the mother of his child is but I guess the mother Samantha Burke felt otherwise. Check out more photos of Burke here...

Samanhta-burke-is-the-mother-of-jude-laws-child_2 Samanhta-burke-is-the-mother-of-jude-laws-child_3 Samanhta-burke-is-the-mother-of-jude-laws-child_4


July 30, 2009

Jude Law Having a Baby with Mystery Woman

Jude Law Having a Baby with Mystery Woman

EW has confirmed that Jude Law is about to be a father again but no one knows who the mother is.

“Jude Law can confirm that, following a relationship last year, he has been advised that he is to be the father of a child due in the fall of this year. Mr. Law is no longer in a relationship with the individual concerned but he intends to be a fully supportive part of the child’s life. This is an entirely private matter and no other statements will be made,” Jude's rep said.

Jude already has 3 kids with his ex-wife Sadie Frost named Rafferty, 12, Iris, 8 ½, and Rudy, 6 ½. However, Jude has been single for quit some time so the woman could really be anybody. He has been know to date Lily Cole, Norah Jones, Kimberley Stewart and Christy Bella Joiner in the past year.

Readers, who do you think is the mother of Jude's fourth child? Express your opinion in the comments section!


July 24, 2009

Jude Law Punches Female Paparazzo


Jude Law was just caught punching a female paparazzo while on his way to his car after hitting up the Automat Bar in London. Jude's publicist issued the following statement about the issue:

"This is all nonsense. Last night's incident was an accident. Jude was blinded by the camera flashes when he left the restaurant, raised his hand to shield himself and inadvertently struck somebody standing very close. He apologized and left. Pictures of this sort can often be misleading."

Readers, do you think Jude accidentally hit this female paparazzo or was it on purpose. Check out the pictures here...

Judelawpunchesafemalepaparazzo_2Judelawpunchesafemalepaparazzo_3 Judelawpunchesafemalepaparazzo_4


February 04, 2009

Jude Law Dresses Like a Woman


Yes, that is a picture of Jude Law dressed as a woman. Sally Potter, who is an Independent Film Maker and Director, picked Jude for the role in her new movie RAGE.

On her blog, she explains that "part of the subject matter of RAGE is the ugly use of beauty in the pursuit of profit. Drugged by marketing, sapped by fear of aging, conned by the cult of celebrity... image becomes all."

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It seems that the machines are winning in this digital age where voice-to-text is so prevalent. Many have abandoned the professional services of transcribers because they think that Androids and iPhones do much better jobs at documenting conversations. We are proud to say that the masses are wrong. A recent experiment placed man against machine in the battle for the accuracy and man, professional transcribers that is, defeated the competition. Whereas the machine mistook the word "ago" for "I go," professional transcribers had a knack for hearing and correctly interpreted the text. The playing field between man and technology is a bit more leveled.