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August 05, 2013

Justin Bieber Gets In Bloody Brawl

Justin Bieber Gets In Bloody Brawl

Justin Bieber was involved in a bloody brawl!

The pop singer apparently "went nuts" in a club in the affluent New York resort area of the Hamptons. He was in a VIP section of a club called South Pointe when a female club goer attempted to talk to him. That led to his entourage to confront the girl and her male friends while Bieber ripped off his shirt and went absolutely crazy. He then went to his car to cool 0ff but things got worse. He apparently jumped through the sun roof of the car and the alleged victim was knocked down onto the cement. A spokesman for Bieber confirmed that "Justin was not involved in any altercation" but he and his entourage are now under investigation.

Readers, what do you think of Justin Bieber getting in a nightclub brawl?


July 10, 2013

Justin Bieber Caught Urinating In Public

Justin Bieber Caught urinating In Public

Justin Bieber was just caught urinating in public!

The pop singer was caught peeing into a mop bucket in the back of a nightclub in NYC recently. The clip was shot as Bieber was exiting the club through the kitchen but decided to skip the bathroom and pee in a mop bucket. After he relives himself, Bieber see's a photo of Bill Clinton to which he says,  "F*** Bill Clinton!"

Watch Justin Bieber urinate in publin below and sound off in the comments! (TMZ)


June 10, 2013

Justin Bieber Threatens Photographer with a Gun

Justin Bieber Threatens Photographer with a Gun

Justin Bieber threatened a photographer with a gun!

Photographer Jeffrey Binion made a claim recently saying on June 5th, 19 year old Justin Bieber attacked him and took away his camera. And apparently it wasn't just an attack; a serious threat came with it! The 19 year singer was caught on camera upon exiting a recording studio in Miami, yelling, “Get that f***ing camera out of here!” Binion continued to snap away and claims Justin Bieber told his bodyguard Hugo Hesny to threaten Binion with his gun to get him to stop! Both Bieber and Hesny are being sued by Binion.

Will the Biebster ever take a step back and calm down!?!


May 20, 2013

Taylor Swift Disgusted By Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift Disguisted By Justin Bieber_1

Taylor Swift really doesn't like Justn Bieber!

The country singer was seen making a disgusted face as she walked past Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez. The scene happened backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards show when the former couple greeted each other with a huge and a kiss. Swift happened to be walking by at that moment and was caught sticking out her tongue in disgust.

Check out Taylor Swift getting disgusted byt Justion Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing.

Taylor Swift Disguisted By Justin Bieber_2 Taylor Swift Disguisted By Justin Bieber_3


May 10, 2013

Justin Bieber Chugs A Beer

Justin Bieber Chugs A beer

Justin Bieber chugs a beer!

Although the pop singer is only 19 years old and under the legal drinking age of 21, he still had found a way to drink legally. He posted the photo above that shows him a friend drinking beer while on tour in South Africa. He added the caption "Beers in the jungle" as he and the friend enjoyed the alcoholic beverage while on a safari.

Check our Justin Bieber drinking a beer and sound off in the comments!


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