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December 01, 2011

Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Try To Trick The Paparazzi

Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Try To Trick The Paparazzi _1

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy tried to outsmart the paparazzi!

Kate and Matt were spotted trying the hide from the photogs by putting bags on their heads and/or wearing a hood and sunglasses. Matt looked especially funny as he wore a plastic bag with one eye hole cut out so he could at least see a little bit. We're pretty sure he's serious about his get up and thought it would help disguise him.

Check out the photos of Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy and let us know your thoughts! (SplashNews Online)

Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Try To Trick The Paparazzi _2 Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy Try To Trick The Paparazzi _3


August 31, 2011

Kate Hudson's Post Baby Bikini Body

Kate Hudson's Post Baby Bikni Body_1

Kate Hudson's post baby bikini body!

The 32 year old actress was just seen wearing a white bikini as she took a swim in the  French Riviera. Kate showed off her curvy figure as she, her new son Bingham and fiancé Matt Bellamy enjoyed a mini vacation together.  She talked about her past weight gain when she had her first son Ryder, "There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you blow up. I would be eating ice cream, and my mom would literally pry the spoon away from me, saying, 'You’ve had enough to last you a lifetime.'"

Check out Kate Hudson's post baby bikini body and sound off in the comments! (SplashNews Online)

Kate Hudson's Post Baby Bikni Body_2 Kate Hudson's Post Baby Bikni Body_3


April 04, 2011

Kate Hudson Drinking While Pregnant

Kate Hudson Drinking While Pregnant

Kate Hudson was just spotted drinking while pregnant.

RadarOnline reports that the actress was seen sipping on red wine as hung out with some friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She drank the wine as she ate dinner with her friends and some onlookers looked pretty upset that she was drinking. However, most doctors don't know how harmful drinking while pregnant can be.  It also not clear if she just had a few sips or more than that. She's currently in Argentina while her boyfriend and baby daddy Matt Bellamy performs with his band Muse.

What do you think of Kate Hudson drinking while pregnant? Comment below! (Ramey)


March 07, 2011

Kate Hudson’s Pregnant Bikini Body

Kate Hudson’s Pregnant Bikini Body_1

Kate Hudson's pregnant bikini body!

The actress was just spotted wearing a white string bikini as she vacationed in Mexico over the weekend. She was seen hanging out by the pool and at the beach with her son Ryder and boyfriend Matt Bellamy. Hudson covered up her growing belly as she walked around but put it on display as she lounged by the pool. She and her singer boyfriend announced that they were expecting back in January and it'll be the second for Kate and the first for Matt.

Check out the pictures of Kate Hudson's pregnant bikini body! Comment below!

Kate Hudson’s Pregnant Bikini Body_2 Kate Hudson’s Pregnant Bikini Body_3


February 23, 2011

Kate Hudson Bares Her Belly

Kate Hudson Bares Her Belly_1

Kate Hudson bares her belly!

The pregnant actress was just spotted showing off her bare belly. Kate and boyfriend Matt Bellamy were seen walking side by side in Los Angeles, California recently and Matt was seen inspecting her growing baby bump. In related news, Kate will also star in a new movie called Something Borrowed with Ginnifer Goodwin that is planned to be released soon. 

Check out the pictires of Kate's bare belly!

Kate Hudson Bares Her Belly_2 Kate Hudson Bares Her Belly_3


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