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July 29, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson Debuts New Body

Kendra Wilkinson Debuts New Body_1

Kendra Wilkinson debuts her new body!

The reality star debuted her new slimmed down look at the NAVEN Exclusive Fashion Soiree yesterday. Kendra wore a blue and red plaid dress as she and her husband Hank Baskett walked the red carpet together at the Roosevelt in Los Angeles.

Check out Kendra's slimmed down look and comment below!

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July 22, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson Shows Some Cheek

Aviary (4)

Kendra Wilkinson shows some cheek!

The reality show star flashed her bottom while on the beach with her husband Hank Baskett. Kendra wore a skimpy green dress as she did a photo shoot for the new season of her reality show. As she was posing for photos, she inadverdantly flashed her bottom as the camera's were shooting!

Check out Kendra Wilkinson on the beach and soound off in the comments!

Kendra Wilkinson Shows Some Cheek_2 Kendra Wilkinson Shows Some Cheek_3


March 01, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson Joins DWTS Cast

Kendra Wilkinson Joins DWTS Cast_1

Kendra Wilkinson has joined the Dancing with the Stars cast!

The reality show star is one of the new dancers on the hit dancing competition show Dancing with the Stars. The competitors were announced last night and also include Wendy Williams, Kirstie Alley, Petra Nemcova, Sugar Ray Leonard, Hines Ward, Chris Jericho, Mike Catherwood, Romeo, and Ralph Macchio.

Who do you think has the edge in this year's competition?

Kendra Wilkinson Joins DWTS Cast_2 Kendra Wilkinson Joins DWTS Cast_3


January 27, 2011

Kendra Wilkinson's Lesbian Sex Tape Revealed

Kendra Wilkinson's Lesbian Sex Tape Revealed_1

Kendra Wilkinson's lesbian sex tape has been revealed!

RadarOnline reports that Wilkinson has a second sex tape with a female high school friend Taryn Ryan. The video comes on the heels of another sex tape from the same time period with her high school boyfriend Justin Frye. A source has said, "Kendra and Taryn started fooling around and then Kendra wanted the light turned off. But the camera that was recording them had night vision, so it looks like the Paris Hilton tape. Everything is completely clear." The video actually migth get released as she already approved the release of her tape with Frye and is making big money off the royalties from Vivid Entertainment. 

Would you buy Kendra Wilkinson's sex tape? Comment below!


December 01, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Weight Loss

Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Weight Loss_1

Kendra Wilkinson reveals her weight loss!

The former Playboy model has lost over 50 pounds since giving birth to her son Hank Jr. in December 2009. Kendra admitted that she was "depressed" when she was heavier and that, "Having a different body was such a culture shock. I'm so used to being hot and fit. I did go through some depression, although it wasn't that extreme." Kendra lost the 50 pounds by doing 45 minutes of training and weight lifting several times a week. She also said that, "It’s all because of Hank. He’s the one I am doing it for. It’s not even for me being on the cover of magazines or on a TV show. I want my body back for Hank."

Check out Kendra's new look and let us know what you think in the comments!

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