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November 28, 2008

Kim Cattrall Poses Nude to Raise Money for Art


Kim Cattrall and other semi-naked women posed in approximation of Titian's Diana and Actaeon as part of a campaign to raise £50m to purchase the original from the Duke of Sutherland. The original (left) can be compared to the new version (right).

How do you think the campaigns compare?

Check out to full size pics from the photo shoot here...


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It seems that the machines are winning in this digital age where voice-to-text is so prevalent. Many have abandoned the professional services of transcribers because they think that Androids and iPhones do much better jobs at documenting conversations. We are proud to say that the masses are wrong. A recent experiment placed man against machine in the battle for the accuracy and man, professional transcribers that is, defeated the competition. Whereas the machine mistook the word "ago" for "I go," professional transcribers had a knack for hearing and correctly interpreted the text. The playing field between man and technology is a bit more leveled.