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September 29, 2009

The Stars of The Hills Cash In

The Stars of The Hills Cash In_1

A new report from The Daily Beast just revealed the the salaries for the cast members of the reality show The Hills. Check out the numbers per half hour episode below:

    * Lauren Conrad: $125,000/episode
    * Audrina Patridge, Lauren Bosworth, Heidi Montag: $100,000/episode
    * Kristin Cavallari: $90,000/episode
    * Spencer Pratt: $65,000/episode
    * Brody Jenner: $45,000/episode

Are you shocked? Keep in mind that this is just for filming The Hills, many of the stars have other projects and endorsements so they are pulling in some serious cash! Do you think they are overpaid or deserve this amount of money?

The Stars of The Hills Cash In_2

The Stars of The Hills Cash In_3


February 17, 2009

The Hills Invade Hawaii

Audrina_patridge_1 Audrina_patridge_2

The cast of The Hills hit the beaches of Hawaii to shoot scenes for their upcoming fifth season! The regulars have returned and are causing trouble as usual. The cast of characters pictured includes Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner and Lo Bosworth.

Check out The Hills cast at the beach here...

Audrina_patridge_3 Lauren_conrad_4 Brody_jenner_5


August 29, 2008

Lauren Conrad & Friends Party at Crown Bar!

The Hills star was spotted out at the Crown bar in NYC with some friends and tons of other celebs! The three friends find it tough to stay together in the pack of paparazzi.

Lauren is apparently friends with Spencer Pratt's sister Stephanie , which one time friend Heid Montag picked up on in an interview with TV Guide saying 'Why does Stephanie have to be friends with Lauren?  I just feel like, you know, there are lots of girls in LA to be friends with.' Spencer followed this with 'I think LC is going to figure out what my sister Stephanie is like… that she’s not a trustworthy person.'

Check out the drama below!


August 18, 2008

The Hills!! Did you watch?

Hills3lotalking_2 Hills4audrinatalking_2

Hills1laurensnewboy_2 Hills2whitney_2

Check out these exclusive shots from the explosive new season of The Hills that aired tonight on MTV! I won't give out too many details in case you missed it (and had to DVR it of course) but lets just say a new hottie named Doug is in the picture for Lauren, Lo seems to be causing a bit of a rift between former roomies Lauren and Audrina and a relative of Heidi's makes an appearance and might be causing some more trouble in paradise for Heidi and Spencer in upcoming episodes. That's all for now...

Comment on what you thought! Those of you who haven't seen it yet don't forget to come back later to check out comments from your fellow Hills addicts!


July 22, 2008


Lauren Conrad and the crew return for Season 4!


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