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May 16, 2013

LeAnn Rimes Buys Her Twitter Followers

LeAnn Rimes Buys Her Twitter Followers_1

LeAnn Rimes buys her Twitter followers!

THe country singer is apparently buying thousands of Twitter followers to boost her online reputation. It's being reported that she had 456,600 followers on April 17 and as of Tuesday, May 14 she had 561,793. That over 100,ooo more followers in one day which proves that she is purchasing followers and not gaining them naturally.

Readers, what do you think of LeAnn Rimes buying Twitter followers? (PCN)

LeAnn Rimes Buys Her Twitter Followers_2 LeAnn Rimes Buys Her Twitter Followers_3


February 15, 2013

LeAnn Rimes Shows Off New Haircut

LeAnn Rimes shows off new haircut_1

LeAnn Rimes shows off her new haircut!

The country singer tweeted a photo of her new look last week and she was just spotted out and about in in Calabasas, California. She was seen sporting her new bangs during a Valentines Day shopping spree along with tight leather pants and a bright red top.

Check out LeAnn Rimes' new look and sound off in the comments! (Twitter, Splash)

LeAnn Rimes shows off new haircut_2. LeAnn Rimes shows off new haircut_3.


January 09, 2013

LeAnn Rimes Shocks Without Makeup

LeAnn Rimes Shocks Without Makeup _1 (1)

LeAnn Rimes just shocked the world by going makeup free!

The country singer was almost unrecognizable as she made her way around Loas Angeles without any makeup on. Her swollen and flushed face was even more noticeable due to her oversized sweatshirt and workout pants. However, that didn't stop her from checking her phone and tweeting out several tweets for her fans.

Check out LeAnn Rimes without makeup and sound off in the comments! (Rex Features)

LeAnn Rimes Shocks Without Makeup _1 (2) LeAnn Rimes Shocks Without Makeup _1 (3)


December 20, 2012

LeAnn Rimes' Drunk Performance

LeAnn Rimes Drunk Performance

LeAnn Rimes just gave a drunk performance!

The country singer looked pretty drunk during her red carpet appearance and performance on X Factor. Rimes performed a duet with Carly Rose Sonenclar on the season finale of the show but fans were thrown off due to her intoxicated state. The judges were said they pretty happy with the performance but looked a bit confusing during the performance.

Watch LeAnn Rimes' drunk X Factor performance below and share your thoughts in the comments!


December 14, 2012

LeAnn Rimes Wardrobe Malfunction

LeAnn RimeWardrobeMalunction_1 (1)

LeAnn Rimes just had a wardrobe malfunction!

The country singer had a bit of an issue with her top as she made her way to the NOH8 4th Anniversary Party in Hollywood recently. Rimes suffered a similar issue that Anne Hathaway did just a few nights before but she handled it like a pro and wasn't embarrassed at all!

Check out the LeAnn Rimes wardrobe malfunction over at Celebrifeed and comment below! (Splash)

LeAnn RimeWardrobeMalunction_1 (2) LeAnn RimeWardrobeMalunction_1 (3)


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