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July 31, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab After 3 Months

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab After 3 Months_1

Lindsay Lohan has finally left rehab after 3 months!

The troubled actress has left her court ordered rehab stay after 3 months and 2 days. It's being reported that Lohan will stay with a rehab coach for a few days until she is let loose in Los Angeles. Once she's settled in, she will start filming an  8-part documentary series for Oprah's TV network, OWN. The show will follow Lohan as she starts to rebuild her career and attempt the stay sober while doing so. She will also be getting paid $2 million to let camera's follow her along her new journey.

Readers, will you watch the documentary about Lindsay Lohan rebuilding her life? (Getty)

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May 03, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Enters Rehab Then Leaves

Lindsay Lohan Enters Rehab Then Leaves_1

Lindsay Lohan just entered rehab but has already left!

Lohan was scheduled to begin her court ordered 90 day rehab stint at the Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach but left as soon as she arrived. She was apparently spooked by the amount of paparazzi waiting for and left immediately.  Law enforcement sources have said that a warrant for her arrest will be issued if she does not enter rehab in 24 hours.

Readers, waht do you think of Lindsay Lohan ditching rehab? (Getty)

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April 18, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Shows Her Bruises

Lindsay Lohan Shows her Bruises_1

Lindsay Lohan has bruises all over her legs!

She was spotted doing a little shopping near Venice Beach, California and the large bruises on the backs of her legs caught the attention of passersby and photogs. The huge bruises were exaggerated by her extremely pale complexion which might be due to her lack of sleep and partying.  She will be heading to rehab shortly in the Hamptons so we'll see if she gets some rest finally.

Check out Lindsay Lohan's bruises and sound off in the comments! (x17)

Lindsay Lohan Shows her Bruises_2 Lindsay Lohan Shows her Bruises_3


April 10, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Emotional Meltdown (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan Emotional Meltdown (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan just had an emotional meltdown!

The actress made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night and had an emotional breakdown. She was on the show to promote her new movie Scary Movie 5 but Letterman quickly turned the interview and focused on her addiction issues and rehab. After a quick plug for the movie, Letterman said "Aren't you supposed to be in rehab now?" Which prompted her to open up about her issues and eventually breakdown into tears.

Watch the Lindsay Lohan and David Letterman interview below!


April 03, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Sports Bruises On Her Legs

Lindsay Lohan sports bruises on her legs_1

Lindsay Lohan has major bruises on her legs.

The actress was spotted in a bikini while on the beach in Rio de Janeiro but the main attraction were the huge bruises on her legs. She wore a blue bikini which showed off the the huge marks on her left thigh. She didn't even attempt to cover them up and didn't seem to mind when the paparazzi snapped several photos.

Check out Lindsay Lohan's bruises and share your thoughts in the comments! (Fame/Flynet)

Lindsay Lohan sports bruises on her legs_2 Lindsay Lohan sports bruises on her legs_3


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