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September 23, 2010

Taylor Momsen & Madonna Team Up

Taylor Momsen & Madonna Team Up_1

Taylor Momsen and Madonna have teamed up to launch a new clothing line called Material Girl!

The Gossip Girl actress and pop star were spotted together at the Material Girl launch at Macy's in New York City. Momsen and Madonna were also joined by Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon for the launch party. Taylor rocked her typical risque outfit and extraordinarily dark eyeliner while Lourdes showed off a Material Girl leather jacket and black ripped tights.

Click on the pictures for more of Taylor, Madonna and Lourdes and let us know what you think in the comments!

Taylor Momsen & Madonna Team Up_2 Taylor Momsen & Madonna Team Up_3


August 17, 2010

Madonna Shows Off Her Manly Arms

Madonna Shows Off Her Manly Arms_1

Madonna was just spotted showing off her manly arms!

The pop singer turned 52 years old recently and celebrated in London with a big party. Madonna actually looked great as she arrived for the party while wearing a skin tight, grey dress. However, it seems that her arms keep getting bigger and bigger! She was clucthing onto her purse with her left hand making her forearm look bigger that her biceps!

Check out the pictures of Madonna's manly arms and let us know what you think in the comments!

Madonna Shows Off Her Manly Arms_2 Madonna Shows Off Her Manly Arms_3


July 27, 2010

Madonna Spotted With Bag Of Drugs

Madonna Spotted With Bag Of Drugs_1

Madonna was just spotted holding a mysterious bag of drugs!

The pop singer was leaving the set of her new movie W.E. in London last night clutching onto a bag of drugs. The plastic bag contained some sort of drugs that have not been identified just yet. There might be a rational explanation for the drugs but it does look a little sketchy!

Click on pics for a closer look! What do you think Madonna is clutching onto?

Madonna Spotted With Bag Of Drugs_2   Madonna Spotted With Bag Of Drugs_3


April 16, 2010

Madonna Has A Crush On Glee Star

Madonna Has A Crush On Glee Star

It sounds like Madonna has a crush on a Glee star! The material girl just released a statement approving Glee's Madonna episode that features her hit tunes. This statement put to rest rumors that she wasn't happy with the episode because they butchered her songs. However, a new rumor is about the get some steam since the pop star also said that, "Mr. Shuester [Matthew Morrison] is very cute." She was of course referencing Matthew Morrisons' teacher and band leader character on the popular show.

Readers, do you think Madonna has a new boy-toy in her sights? Comment below!


February 03, 2010

Jesus Luz Dumps Madonna

Jesus Luz Dumps Madonna

Brazilian underwear model Jesus Luz has just dumped Madonna! The 23 year old model ditched the 51 year old super star after dating for about a year. It's being reported that Jesus initiated the split after realizing that their age difference and lack of common interests were too much to overcome. Apparently, they would simply run out of things to talk about. The only real interest they had in common was Kabbalah, but that was about it.

Readers, are you surprised Jesus ended it with Madonna?


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