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July 30, 2012

Mary-Kate Olsen Goes Make-Up Free

Mary-Kate Olsen Goes Make-Up Free_1

Mary-Kate Olsen goes make-up free!

The 26 year old wore a straw hat to try to cover up her tired looking face as she made her way through JFK airport in NYC yesterday. Mary-Kate tried to go incognito but it didn't really work as the photographs showed black circles under her eyes. She's been flying back and forth from New York and Europe concentrating on her fashion line and all the traveling is beginning to show.

Check out Mary-Kate Olsen without make-up and sound off in the comments below! (Splash)

Mary-Kate Olsen Goes Make-Up Free_2 Mary-Kate Olsen Goes Make-Up Free_3


October 08, 2009

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Are Ready To Settle Down

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Are ready To Settle Down_1

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are ready to settle down and get married!

A source recently said that the twins are ready to marry their boyfriends Nate Lowman and Justin Bartha. Apparently, each one wants to get married before the other so they will get most of the attention. Although they are just 23 years old, Mary-Kate and Ashley are definitely mature beyond their years.

Readers,  do you think they are too young to be getting married?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Are ready To Settle Down_2 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Are ready To Settle Down_3


May 19, 2009

Mary-Kate Olsen's Awkward Dance Moves


Video footage has just been released of Mary-Kate Olsen jamming out at a Pearl Jam concert at Madison Square Garden. Mary Kate has always been her own person and hasn't really cared what other people think of her. This video catches MK dancing her heart out when she thinks no one is looking.

Check out the video of Mary-Kate Olsen rocking out below!


April 27, 2009

Mary-Kate Olsen Dating Nate Lohman or Bradley Cooper?


Mary-Kate Olsen was seen kissing boyfriend Nate Lowman yesterday but is that the only guy she is dating? Mary-Kate and Bradley Cooper spotted getting pretty close while judging the Tribeca Film Festival, has sent the rumor mills buzzing.

The New York Daily News reports that they “kept touching each others arms and knees as they talked and even left in the same car” at a Chanel event last night. Do you think Mary-Kate is two timing Nate?

More pics of the scandalous situation here...

Marykateolsen_2 Marykateolsen_3


April 04, 2009

Meet The Other Olsen: Elizabeth Olsen


The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, have a 20-year-old younger sister who is trying to become a serious actress on Broadway.  Many people didn't even know the Olsen twins had another sibling, let alone an aspiring actress. She hasn't been in the lime light because we hear she is actually pretty normal and serious about her craft.

More pics of the third Olsen here...

Elizabetholsen2 Elizabetholsen3 Elizabetholsen4


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