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September 02, 2011

Oscar De La Hoya Admits To Drag Photos

Oscar De La Hoya Admits To Drag Photos

Oscar De La Hoya just admitted to drag photos!

The boxing legend finally admitted that the drag photos that were published a few years ago were in fact him. The photos were first published back in 2007 and showed De La Hoya frolicking with Siberian model Milana Dravnel while dressed in drag. After denying the photos, a lawsuit followed and Dravnel was apparently paid a whopping $20 million to keep quiet. In a new interview he said, "Let me to tell you, yes, yes, it was me [in those pictures]. I am tired now of lying, of lying to the public and of lying to myself." He added that he was drunk and high on cocaine at the time of the photos. 

Are you surprised Oscar De La Hoya just admitted to the drag photos? Comment below!


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