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March 29, 2013

Prince Harry Bald Spot

Prince Harry Bald Spot_1

Prince Harry is going bald!

Th 28 year old's hair was noticeably thinner during a trip to to the Kananelo Centre for the deaf in southern Africa. The thinning hair around the crown of his head is the first sign that the Prince will be bald just like his big brother, Prince William. He actually started to lose some of his hair in his early 20s but it was barely noticeable compared to the thinner we're seeing recently.

Readers, what do you think of Prince Harry going bald? (MPI)

Prince Harry Bald Spot_2 Prince Harry Bald Spot_3


August 21, 2012

Prince Harry Parties In Vegas

Prince harry PArties In Vegas_1

Prince Harry Parties in Vegas!

The royal Prince was spotted getting pretty wild at a pool party at the Las Vegas’s Encore Beach Club. Harry was surrounded by a hoard of beautiful woman as enjoyed a few cocktails and a little pool time with friends. He seemed to have his eye on one blonde woman and word is that they spent some time together at the party.

Check out Prince Harry at the pool party and share your thoughts in the comments! (ExtraTV)

Prince harry PArties In Vegas_2 Prince harry PArties In Vegas_3


July 27, 2012

Prince William & Kate Middleton Olympic Torch

Prince William & Kate Middleton Olympic Torch_1

Prince William and Kate Middleton are ready for the Olympic Torch to arrive!

The royal couple along with Prince Harry were spotted waiting for the Olympic Torch to arrive so they could start making their way into Olympic Stadium. They anxiously awaiting the torch in front of Buckingham Palace and chatted with other members of the relay team. Their leg of the relay will be last before the torch for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Games will be lit.

Enjoy the pictures of Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry waiting for the Olympic Torch! (Fame/Flynet)

Prince William & Kate Middleton Olympic Torch_2 Prince William & Kate Middleton Olympic Torch_3


August 31, 2011

Prince Harry's Wild Club Night

Prince Harry's Wild Club Night_1

Prince Harry's wild club night!

Prince Harry was spotted having a wild night at the Veneranda nightclub in Hvar, Croatia last night. The Prince wore a blue shirt, jeans and a baseball cap as he danced and partied with the fellow clubgoers. At one point he climbed up a stone wall then fell into a pool after he lost his balance. A witness aid, "Harry’s dancing wasn’t great. In fact it was embarrassing. But once they realized who he was, everyone wanted to have a photo with him."

Check out the photos of Prince Harry's wild club night! (Fame)

Prince Harry's Wild Club Night_2 Prince Harry's Wild Club Night_3


November 09, 2009

Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy Reunite!

Prince Harry Chelsy Davy Reunite!_1

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy were spotted next to each other at a recent Investec Challenge Series rugby match in London. The pair were seen entering the match apart and taking separate seats but soon moved closer to each other. This marks the first sighting of the pair possible moving towards reconciliation after their break up in January.

Readers, do you think Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy will get back together?


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