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September 18, 2012

Blake Lively Shows Off $2 Million Ring

Blake Lively Shows Off $2 Million Ring_1

Blake Lively shows off her $2 million wedding ring!

Blake was spotted giving her new husband Ryan Reynolds a passionate kiss the day after their wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. In the photos, Blake flahes her 12 carat light pink, oval shaped diamond that Ryan had custom made. Several experts value the ring at $2 million due to the size and customization of the ring.

Check out Blake Lively's wedding ring and share your thoughts in the commets! (Barcott Media)

Blake Lively Shows Off $2 Million Ring_2


September 10, 2012

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Got Married

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Got Married_1

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds just got married!

The pair have shocked the world by secretly marrying over the weekend outside of Charleston, South Carolina. Blake and Ryan have been dating for about a year which is a long time in Hollywood and have seemed to be heading towards marriage after reports that they moved in together. The wedding was very private and held at Boone Hall Plantation and it's being reported that Florence Welch perforemd at the reception for the newly married couple.

Are you surprised that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds just got married? (Splash)

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Got Married_2 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Got Married_3


August 02, 2012

Ryan Reynolds Wins Big

Ryan Reynolds Wins Big

Ryan Reynolds rumoured to have won the jackpot at an online casino!

It is rumoured that whilst on set in Canada Ryan Reynolds won a jackpot at an online casino. He has starred in major movie roles like The Green lantern, been married to Scarlett Johansson, is currently shacked up with Blake Lively and now wins the jackpot playing online casino games-how lucky can one guy be? Ryan must have found the colder weather in Canada just a little boring after being snapped frolicking by the lake with Blake on a family vacation in upstate New York recently. Seem she turned to the internet to keep him company and scored big when doing so. An unconfirmed source says he was playing online slots at every opportunity he got, probably to take his mind off missing his gorgeous Gossip Girl star girlfriend.

Ryan wouldn’t be the first celebrity, who enjoyed a bit of gambling on the side, and there are loads of celebrities who are fans of real casinos and online gaming. The poker tournaments in Vegas areoften attended by celebs and Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire are famous for causing a stir at the poker tables. Ryan joins these sexy celebs as one of the big winners and seems his vote as the sexiest man alive recently by People magazine needs to include lucky in the title! We wonder which online casino Ryan chose to play at, maybe we can play at the same site and hope some ofhis winning luck will rub off on us. If it was cold in Canada or Ryan was bored we would have been happy to keep the man entertained, but seems him and Blake are getting serious after he introduced her to his family at Thanksgiving last year. Following the collapse of his 2 year marriage to Scarlett Johansson it was kind of obvious Ryan wasn’t going to be on the market for long, with good looks,great acting talent, a body to die for, and now adding jackpot winner to that list the man is a serious catch!

Do you think Ryan won big? Sound off in the comments and share your view.


July 09, 2012

Blake Lively's Bikini Make-Out Session

Blake Lively's Bikini Make-Out Session_1

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a make-out session!

Blake and Ryan were spotted getting romantic on a family vacation in upstate New York. Blake wore a red and white bikini and Ryan board shorts as they joined Blake's family at a local lake. The pair boated, swam and even snuck off to the woods for a little privacy.

Check out Blake and Ryan on vacation together and sound of in the comments! (Splash)

Blake Lively's Bikini Make-Out Session_2 Blake Lively's Bikini Make-Out Session_3


December 28, 2011

Ryan Reynold Meets Blake Lively's Family

Ryan Reynold Meets Blake Lively's Family_1

Ryan Reynolds just met Blake Lively's family!

Ryan and Blake's relationship seem to have taken the next step with some family time over the Thanksgiving holiday. The photo above was posted on Instagram by a user named dtheman24 with the caption "Thanksgiving dinner table! Johnson's [sic] and Livelys." The photo was taken at the Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast in Utah, which is owned by Lively's sister Robyn and her actor husband Bart Johnson.

Check out Ryan and Blake eating Thanksgiving dinner together and comment below! (Instagram/Getty)

Ryan Reynold Meets Blake Lively's Family_2 Ryan Reynold Meets Blake Lively's Family_3


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