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April 19, 2010

Shayne Lamas & Nik Richie Elope In Vegas

Shayne Lamas & Nik Richie Elope In Vegas

Shayne Lamas and Nik Ritchie just eloped in Las Vegas! TMZ reports that Shayne, a former Bachelor winner, and Nik (the blogger behind were spotted inside the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas less than a week after meeting each other. The pair met just a few days ago but decided to get hitched in sin city. They reportedly purchased the Michael Jordan Package ($519) and included 36 photos and a DVD of the wedding ceremony.

Share your thoughts in the comments! Do you think this former Bachelor winner rushed into getting married?


November 15, 2009

Shayne Lamas Arrested For DUI

Shayne Lamas Arrested For DUI

Reality star Shayne Lamas was just arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol early Saturday morning.

Lamas, the former star of The Bachelor and current star of Leave It To Lamas, made the following statement to E! News. “Early Saturday morning, after consuming one drink, I willingly drove through a mandatory check point on my way home with complete confidence of passing. However, the breathalyzer indicated that I was over the legal limit of blood alcohol content and was arrested onsite. I take full responsibility for my lack of judgment. I have always strived to be a role model for my friends, family and fans and have never nor will ever condone drinking and driving. I apologize for all those I have disappointed, including myself.”

Shayne was released soon after she was arrested and will appear in court December 9th. Readers, what do you think of Shayne's honest explanation and apology?


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