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March 10, 2011

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Pacifier Controversy

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Pacifier Controversy_1

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are in the middle of a pacifier controversy!

The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has been making headlines ever since she was born 5 years ago and it continues today. The most recent controversy came about when Suri was spotted with a pacifier in her mouth at the age of 5 causing critics to claim that she is too old for a pacifier. Ari Brown, a pediatrician and author has said that, "By the time babies reach their first birthdays, they are definitely ready to lose the binky and move on." He added that, "I think parents allow the binky to remain in their child's life long after infancy because life just seems easier with it around. It only gets harder to take away as your child gets older."

What do you think of Suri Cruise using a pacifier at the age of 5? Comment below!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Pacifier Controversy_2 Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Pacifier Controversy_3


October 13, 2009

Suri Cruise Ditches Scientology for Catholicism

Suri Cruise Dtiches Scientology for Catholicism_1

The Daily Mail is reporting that Katie Holmes has enrolled her daughter Suri in a Catholic school in Boston much to the dismay of practicing Scientologist Tom Cruise.

Apparently, Katie and her mother are not convinced that Scientology is the way to go for little Suri. Her parents are both devout Catholics and have expressed their disapproval of both Katie and Suri being Scientologist. This obviously didn't sit well with Tom but he eventually caved and let Suri attend a Catholic school as Katie and her mother wanted. Also, Katie has not been seen at the Church of Scientology for over five months.

It sounds like there could be a religious rift in the Cruise's family! Do you think Suri is better off going to a Catholic school?

Suri Cruise Dtiches Scientology for Catholicism__2  Suri Cruise Dtiches Scientology for Catholicism__3


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