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October 01, 2010

Tyra Banks Pulls A Lady Gaga


Tyra Banks just pulled a Lady Gaga!

Banks was spotted wearing a fishnet mask to Vogue's masked ball during Paris Fashion Week. Tyra definitely wore one of the freakiest masks of the night which looked a lot like something Lady Gaga would rock. However, several other celebrities and models showed up looking quit fetching. Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Lenny Kravitz, Dita Von Teese among others enjoyed the stylish party till the wee hours of the morning.

Click on the pictures for more shots of the Vogue masked ball! What do you think of Tyra's mask?

Tyra Banks Pulls A Lady Gaga_2 Tyra Banks Pulls A Lady Gaga_3


December 28, 2009

Tyra Banks Quits Talk Show For The Big Screen

Tyra Banks Quits Talk Show For The Big Screen

Tyra Banks just announced that she is ending her Emmy winning daytime talk show.

Tyra said that she will end the show in the Spring of 2010 after being on the air for five seasons to focus on launching Bankable Studios, a film production company with the mission of bringing “positive images of women to the big screen.” Tyra added,  “This will be the last season of The Tyra Show. I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years. My next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are.”

Readers, are you surprised Tyra is ending her successful talk show?


September 08, 2009

Tyra Banks Real Hair Revealed!

Tyra Banks Real Hair Revealed!

Tyra Banks kicked off the fifth season of her Emmy winning talk show revealing her real hair!

Banks showed the audience her real hair for the first time and declared it National Real Hair Day. The former model is known for wearing a lace, full flowing, light colored wig but in an attempt to gain more ratings ditched the wig for her natural locks!

Check out the big reveal below! Do you like Tyra's natural hair or the weave?


August 31, 2009

Tyra Banks Engaged to John Utendahl

Tyra Banks Engaged to John Utendahl

It's being reported that Tyra Banks is engaged to longtime boyfriend, businessman John Utendahl.

The pair were spotted out to lunch on Saturday at the Little Next Door in Los Angeles, where Banks was wearing a huge ring on her left ring finger! There hasn't been a confirmation or denial from Banks or Utendahl so we'll have to wait and see if they really are planning on marriage.

Comment bleow! Do you think Banks and Utendahl are engaged?


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