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February 24, 2012

Victoria Beckham Gropes Eva Longoria

Victoria Beckham Gropes Eva Longoria_1

Victoria Beckham just groped Eva Longoria!

The two friends were spotted getting touchy feely at a charity party thrown by Vanity Fair and Chrysler on behalf of The Eva Longoria Foundation. At one point, Victoria threw her hands over Eva's breasts to protect them from being exposed due to her very low-cut dress. The tactic worked as Eva's dress was s revealing that that she could of easily had a wardrobe malfunction.

Check out Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria getting close and comment below! (Getty Images/Twitter)

Victoria Beckham Gropes Eva Longoria_2 Victoria Beckham Gropes Eva Longoria_3


February 15, 2012

Victoria Beckham Posts Ballsy Photo

Victoria Beckham Tweets Ballsy Photo_1

Victoria and David Beckham just posted a ballsy photo on Facebook!

The brand new photo above shows Victoria posing in front of David's new underwear billboard in NYC in a somewhat risque position. The photo was accompanied by the caption, "So proud of my wife taking #NYFW by the balls."

Check out Victoria Beckham's ballsy photo and sound off in the comments!


January 24, 2012

Victoria Beckham Shows Off Slim Physique

Victoria Beckham Shows Off Slim Physique

Victoria Beckham shows off her slim physique.

The new mom just did her first lingerie shoot after giving birth just four months ago. Victoria posed in white corset underwear by Rochas for  the March edition of Numero magazine. When asked who would be in her fantasy front row, she said, "My husband. David has never been to any of my shows as I'm incredibly nervous and I need to focus and concentrate, apart from him Tilda Swinton. She's so striking and I would love to dress her. She's incredible looking and I love that she seems so confident in herself she doesn't feel the need to conform."

Check out Victoria Beckham showing off her post-baby body!


January 09, 2011

Victoria Beckham Pregnant With Fourth Baby

Victoria Beckham Pregnant With Fourth Baby_1

Voctoria Beckham is pregnant with her fourth child!

The former Spice Girl and her soccer star husband David Beckham are expecting their fourth child. Their rep has confirmed the news and released a statement saying, "David and Victoria Beckham are delighted to confirm they are expecting their fourth child in the summer." The superstar couple already have three three sons named Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8 and Cruz, 5.

What do you think of the Beckham's having a fourth child? Comment below!

Victoria Beckham Pregnant With Fourth Baby_1 (1) Victoria Beckham Pregnant With Fourth Baby_1 (2)


January 06, 2011

Victoria Beckham Removed Breast Implants

Victoria Beckham Removed Breast  Implants_1

Victoria Beckham removed her breast implants!

The former Spice Girl recently admitted to vogue UK that she had her breast implants removed in order to look more natural. Beckham has finally admitted that she had plastic surgery after years of denying it and saying things like her body is "completely natural, except for my fingernails." She also tells the mag about how her style has changed since becoming a designer and describes what it's like to wake up with her husband David Beckham.

What do you think of Victoria Beckham removed her breast implants? Comment below!

Victoria Beckham Removed Breast  Implants_1 (1) Victoria Beckham Removed Breast  Implants_1 (2)


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